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FTTH Fiber Access Terminal Box

1,Fiber to the desk (FTTD)
2,Fiber to the home (FTTH)
3,Fiber to the building (TFFB)
4,Local area networks
5,Wide area networks
1,Small size and light weight for easy installation
2,Double-layer design for easy installation and maintenance
3,Four cable entry, available from the top, bottom, right side into the line, easy to choose routing
4,Single-core, dual-core fiber adapter can choose
5,Using high-quality ABS material, with a certain fireproofing performance
6,With dust-proof device to prevent dust
7,With a logo bar, easy to manage number and maintain
8,Applicable with fiber optic cable or indoor cable
9,Adapter Type: SC, LC

Core fiber access terminal box Product Overviews

Core fiber access terminal box, Core Fiber Optic Access Terminal Box with SC Shuttered Adapter and SC Patch Cord

    Fiber Optic Adapter Panel is a user terminal product that achieves fiber-to-desktop solutions with a reasonable design of internal space. For home or work area, complete dual-core fiber access and port output, can fully meet the requirements.
    of fiber bending radius, and protect the fiber out of the fiber core to provide safe protection. Appropriate radius of curvature, allowing a small amount of redundant fiber inventory, to achieve FTTD (fiber to desktop) system applications.

Core fiber access terminal box Dimension&Accessorie

Core fiber access terminal box Dimension

Core fiber access terminal box Accessorie

  • WT-FTTD Box with accessories*1
  • SC/APC Shuttered Adaptor*1
  • SC/APC-SC/APC Patch cord 3.0mm, whilte, Soft PVCG657A1, XXXM

Core fiber access terminal box Package

Core fiber access terminal box Package

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