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OPGW Fiber Optic Cable Optical Ground Wire Wrapped
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  • OPGW Fiber Optic Cable Optical Ground Wire Wrapped
  • OPGW Fiber Optic Cable Optical Ground Wire Wrapped

OPGW Fiber Optic Cable Optical Ground Wire Wrapped

1.high pressure over 110kv, with a longer span (usually over 250M);
2,Easy to maintain, easy for line span, its mechanical property can meet a big line span;
3,Outer OPGW is metal armoring, with no influence for high pressure electro-corrosion and degradation;
4,To construct OPGW must cut power, resulting in greater loss, thus OPGW must be used in constructing high pressure line over 110kv;
5,For OPGW performance index, the more short circuit current, the more need a good conductor to be metal armor, and reduce tension strength, while, if the tension strength is certain, to increase short circuit current capacity, the only way is to enlarge metal section area, resulting in an increased cable Dia and weight, so that security is a question for line pole strength.
1,Superior Lightning Resistance
2,Extruded Aluminium Core tube
3,Superior Electrical Performance
4,High performance. Even in High fibre Counts


OPGW Optical Ground Wire Wrapped Fiber Cable

Superior Lightning Resistance
? Fewer Aluminium Alloy (AA) wires are needed to meet electrical specs

? More/Heavier duty ACS wires can be used

? AA wires can be completely replaced with ACS in some applications

Extruded Aluminium Core tube

? Good combination of crush and kink resistance

? Core tube can safely and easily be routed to closures without armour

? Easy access to optical core

Superior Electrical Performance

? Aluminium core tube substantially increases conductor cross-section

? Improved short-circuit capacity

High performance. Even in High fibre Counts

? All fibres are housed in the core tube

? Core tubes are available in a wide range of Inside Diameters

? Armour wires are not replaced with fibre tubes in high count designs

Drum Dimension and Weight


Ordering Information

1, cable type and structure
2, calculate the cross-sectional area
3, light type
4, the number of optical fiber core
5, OPGW into the cable after the single-disc single-fiber two-way average attenuation coefficient (1550nm)
6, outside diameter
7, rated pull force (RTS)
8, allow short-circuit current capacity (40 ℃ ~ 200 ℃, 0.25s)
9, pull the weight ratio
10, the largest disk long

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